Welcome to PLTW Standards and Objectives Alignment Tool

What is the purpose of the alignment tool?

PLTW has always provided lists of national standards in each lesson of all three programs. As Common Core State Standards have become more widely accepted, interest in how PLTW connects to these standards has increased. PLTW has taken this opportunity to evaluate how we determine and demonstrate standards alignment.
Input and feedback have shown that traditional static documents rarely provide a level or organization of information that is truly useful. The PLTW Alignment Tool has a dynamic interface to provide alignment based upon a user.s specific choice of parameters.

What alignments are available?

All PLTW high school courses and middle school units are aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts and the Next Generation Science Standards. PLTW has also created alignments between other sets of standards and courses.

How is alignment determined?

While some consider alignment to be the mere mention of a standard in an activity, we believe a highly rigorous definition is reflective of our high-quality program. Our definition for alignment is:
Students complete a designated task(s) that demonstrates the outlined knowledge and/or skills of the specific standard or objective.
Who uses the alignment tool?

Anyone interested in knowing how specific standards are aligned to PLTW courses. This includes PLTW teachers, administrators, state leaders, affiliate directors, those interested in learning more about the program, and other decision makers connected to PLTW and education. The dynamic interface allows users to view standards connected to a course, unit, or lesson. Users can also choose specific combinations of course components.

How can I ask questions or provide feedback?

Please send questions or feedback to [email protected]

PLTW would like to thank the PLTW teachers, state leaders, affiliate directors, and other individuals in our network who have contributed to the conceptualization and design of this tool.